Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the organizers, i.e. Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Greater Poland Branch of the Polish Social Policy Society, European Research and Education Centre, AMU Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, we have the honor to invite you to participate in the 2nd International e-Conference "The world in the age of pandemic and post-pandemic period." The event will take place on 22-23.04.2021 based on a friendly internet platform.
Conference languages: Polish, English, Russian, German

The coronavirus epidemic and the resulting social isolation is prolonged. Just a year ago, none of us thought the restrictions would last this long. Today, we do not wonder if COVID-19 vaccines will be developed; we think about how long they will be effective. Adapting to the challenges of reality and in a sense of deep need to make scientific inquiries about the near future, we address this invitation. We do not conduct a wide conference recruitment, we only invite employees of our Alma Mater, as well as selected experts from other research units by name to participate in our event. Our ambition is to provide live streams of the panels, as well as to allow Internet users sending questions. In case you want to submit your original panel, please keep in mind that the duty of the chair is to ensure that participants come to him with their submissions. We assume that you know of researchers dealing with related topics - this will allow us to ensure coherence of proceedings and a high level of scientific investigations conducted during the event.

Thematic areas include among others:

1) Poland, the world in a pandemic: how does COVID-19 change international relations?
2) Global economy after a pandemic - in search of a new normality.
3) The European Union in the face of the current crisis.
4) Policy to counteract the socio-economic costs of the lockdown phenomenon.
5) Political communication in the face of a pandemic.
6) Socio-economic implications of a pandemic.
7) Elections during the pandemic.
8) COVID-19 pandemic - experiences of post-Soviet countries.

If you would like to submit your own panel or have any questions, please contact the secretary of the conference, Maciej Górny at the email address: maciej.gorny@amu.edu.pl

Organizing Committee

prof. Andrzej Stelmach

Dean of the AMU Faculty of Political Science and Journalism

prof. Krzysztof Hajder

Chairman of the Organizing Committee

dr. Magdalena Kacperska

President of the Greater Poland Branch of the Polish Social Policy Society

Maciej Górny, MA

Secretary of the conference

Michał Mijalski, MA

Press Office


Applications for participation in the conference by 01/04/2021


The event will take place on 22-23.04.2021 based on a friendly internet platform.


Secretary of the conference "The world in the age of pandemic and post-pandemic period"
Maciej Górny, MA